[Qt-creator] Troubles with Czech translation of QtC

Vojtěch Král vojtech at kral.hk
Sun May 13 18:13:04 CEST 2012

Hi and thanks for your reply!

> You might argue that he is doing for his own fun, but you claim that 
> he
> does not use Qt, nor he is a programmer. So... why should he commit 
> to
> those projects?

It seems that he sees the translation as a quest to spread pure czech 
among czech foss users. Where "pure czech" actually means "usually just 
sometimes ridiculous and/or incomprehensible czech".

It's his ideology, really.

> I assume that there are projects in which he is very vaulable, but as
> much as the application gets technical... his translations are worst,
> correct?

That's right.

> My key point is: don't talk. Do.
> This guy even with all the problems he is causing you he is kicking 
> ass
> more then you. If you think you can do better - do.

Okay, I can do stuff, I don't really know _what to do_ though, I have 
zero experience
in translations. I surely can read up on it and get myself going, 
though, why not.
I just need some starting tips and the like...

I reckon I do not have permission to revoke his translations or do I?
And if no, who does?
(I'll do some googling in the meantime)

~Vojtech Kral

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