[Qt-creator] Some thoughts about 2.5

Geronimo Ma. Hernandez geronimo013 at gmx.com
Sun May 27 06:14:26 CEST 2012


its my first contact with QtCreator - and at first sight, I was really 
impressed. Very nice looking, very fast, very promising ...
I very like the Todo-Plugin - very cool the supported different colors and the 
speed of synchronization!
I also very like the one-click navigation.

After few days of working with it, I'd have to state, that from my point of 
view, QtCreator is not ready for real work yet, to be used as IDE. but Its 
already a good replacement for editors.

The biggest point - no variable has an content in debugging session. Bug or 
misconfiguration? - I read about hacking QtCreator to get some var contents ...
Huh? - r u kidding! - Such basics should work out of the box. At least if 
you'd like to be taken for serious.

So I'll step back to use netbeans for work, but I'll keep watching the 
maturing of QtCreator.

These are the issues (with decreasing importance), I missed most:

- support for different window (number, size, position) for debug session and 
editing session and each session should save column size for lists too.

- GUI-wizard for compiler/linker/tool settings

- switch debug session to debug child-process after a fork system call

- support templates for file, class and method creation (file-templates distinct 
for each extension), with placeholder for date, username, classname, ...

- support refactoring (alt-enter) without changing the active editor (aka 
refactoring in background)

- files created by "new C++-class" should automatically become part of the 
(active) project, or add a context menu entry for project tree-nodes

- follow symbol under cursor should keep track of open editors and if more 
than one editor is open (splitted), the current active editor should not 

- add support for external beautifier/code-formatters like astyle, uncrustify, 
jindent or the like

- mark all occurrences of symbol under cursor (variable, function, class, what 
ever) in the current file (or better in all visible files) so usages can be 
visualized very fast. Such marks shall be mouse sensitive for faster 

- allow to toggle symbols from left-size toolbar, so that the build-icons are 
on top and the menu-icons are on bottom

kind regards


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