[Qt-creator] Some thoughts about 2.5

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Yes, the application should always provide meaningful feedback to users. However, your comment is a bit harsh, as the search hits point to the Qt Creator Manual, which is delivered together with Qt Creator and can be considered a part of the application. 

So, instead of turning to your favorite internet search engine, you could also click the Help icon on the task bar to open the Help mode and browse or search for information in the Qt Creator Manual.


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> I had the impression you did encounter a problem. Checking with the 
> usual suspects (Documentation(!), Google, #qt-creator on FreeNode, or 
> even here on the mailing list) _before_ jumping to generalizing 
> conclusions would have made sense.

But a good "Ansatz" which Geronimo points to is that qt-creator should inform the user in a way so he doesn't have go to Google&Co to solve or indentify a problem.


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