[Qt-creator] Theory of Operation question concerning configurations

Jonathan S. Shapiro shap at eros-os.org
Wed May 30 21:12:45 CEST 2012

I am uncertain what the relationship is between CONFIG values in the QMake
file and build settings in QtCreator. I see that each build setting sets a
CONFIG value and an output path. I also see that convention that
modifications to CONFIG inside the QMake file are always done with += or -=
in order to preserve the value that was passed at the command line.

My confusion started when I tried to introduce CONFIG modifications of my
own in the QMake file. I am working on a "foreign" (non-Qt) library, and I
want to generate *both* shared and static library builds. But if I put

   CONFIG += staticlib
   CONFIG += dll

into the Makefile, only the dll build seems to happen. This is probably a
result of an obvious error on my part, but the documentation for the
various CONFIG options is pretty minimal, so I'm not sure what config
options can safely be combined.

Part of my problem, clearly, is that I don't understand QMake well enough.

For now, I can add new build settings in QtCreator, and use that to make
forward progress, but I really want this to work from the command line as

I guess my question is: what is the "QMake" way to accomplish what I am
trying to do? And once I understand that, what is the proper QtCreator
setup so that debugging will be possible?

If this is not the right list for this question, I apologize. The question
seems to stand at the interaction boundary between QtCreator and QMake, so
it isn't immediately clear where it should go.


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