[Qt-creator] Some thoughts about 2.5

Geronimo Ma. Hernandez geronimo013 at gmx.com
Thu May 31 06:05:07 CEST 2012

On Wednesday 30 May 2012 - 19:50:53, Vojtech Kral wrote:
> On 2012-05-30 19:02, Geronimo Ma. Hernandez wrote:
> > On Mittwoch 30 Mai 2012, Vojtech Kral wrote:
> >> On 2012-05-30 15:37, Geronimo Ma. Hernandez wrote:
> >> 
> >> I think you misunderstood, the support is rather done in such a way
> >> that the IDE drives an underlying scripted build system rather than
> >> making all the compiler and linker calls by itself.
> > 
> > So what? That's a reasonable implementation detail, that no user ever
> > should care about.
> The user should definitely care about that, it's their build system
> setup, importance of which in C++ I stated earlier.

Well, quite sure, I did not get the point.

If scripting is used to decouple QtCreator from external tools, so its common 
business and an implementation detail, that no user should care about. And no 
user should ever touch that scripts.

If you are right, and the scripts are part of the build system, then my 
understanding of the latter statement was wrong. Than the application does not 
use scripts for decoupling and the user has to care about those scripts for 
So where's the difference to drive external tools directly?

> I think that if all that effort you put in writing to the
> mailing list you put in actually reading up on qmake or cmake,
> you would probably have mastered a good deal of it by now.

Dear sir, you did not get rid of my intention.

I'm not the focus of my writing!
I write, to give food for thinking, to improve QtCreator. I believe, that a 
different point of view (like I'm not a C++ developer) might help on 
improvement or just let somebody start to think different.
The reason for my heavy usage of the capitalized "i" is, that I can speak only 
for myself, for my way of thinking, for my believing. To point out, that I 
don't speak in common, I use phrases like "I think ..."
... but again: I'm not the focus of my writing!

Respect to the build-functionality, I would categorize IDEs in 3 levels like 
1.) entry level:
an IDE can only manage projects created by itself, no import for existing 
projects created by other IDEs

2.) mid level:
an IDE can manage projects created by itself and offers an import possibility, 
where projects created by other IDEs will be read and translated to the build 
system used by the IDE - or in other words: this IDE can read multiple build-
systems, but write-support is limited.

3.) professional level:
this kind of IDE can manage any kind of project - no matter, which IDE created 
the project, or whether it has been created manually. It has read and write 
support for a lot of build-systems and is able to continue using the build-
system of the imported project.

So according to this levels, I consider QtCreator a good (if not already the 
best) entry-level IDE and I wanted to send some triggers so that QtCreator 
could raise one level and become a mid-level IDE.

kind regards


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