[Qt-creator] Some thoughts about 2.5

Geronimo Ma. Hernandez geronimo013 at gmx.com
Thu May 31 20:13:13 CEST 2012

On Thursday 31 May 2012, Coda Highland wrote:
> And Creator already has an easy-to-use UI for the job -- it's just "open
> project".

Hm - do you refer to a former release of QtCreator?

The current menu-entry "open file or project" does not appear very helpful to 
me. There are so many filefilters in the drop down, that I can't imagine, what's 
a supported project and what's simply a file filter.

... but ok, I found "import project" at "new project" which comes very close 
to what I was looking for.

> There's no "import" step necessary because Creator doesn't try to be
> excessively smart and CONVERT the project into its native format, but
> instead it just USES that project file directly

That would be great - and that's what I meant as professional level IDE.

> , possibly stashing some relevant metadata for convenience/extensibility
> (like the generic makefile project). 

not sure, whether I understand that.

> This is much less error-prone because Creator then just asks the original
> build system to handle the build, so you're guaranteed equivalent
> compilation.

That would be extremely exciting, if that was true.
So I just imported a small project, created by netbeans c++, which compiles 
without errors from commandline.

I imported every file, which did not look bad.
But the build failed.
I did not take the time, to find out why.

... but let me focus again, what I think about ide and build abstraction:
Sure, bigger companies have their compiler and buildsystem you *must* use, so 
they don't need the help of an ide in managing their build system.

If you think about the reason, why a developer want's to change his ide, you 
probably end up in smaller companies, that decide to port their application. 
They have a working compiler and know their buildsystem, but none of them 
works on the desired new target platform.
So they look for a tool that is known to support portable applications. And as 
the currently used editor is some kind of oldfashioned, they start looking for 
an ide - and QtCreator is one in the list to get evaluated.

There are multiple (sub-)projects that build several targets of each kind.

So the requirements look like:
- use compiler RR for OS abc
- use compiler SS for OS def
- take that bunch of sources and build a target of type XX
- take subproject A-D to build target of type YY
- ...

So I would consider it a great help, if the ide is able to create projects 
that build fine. The ide could select the appropriate build system and generate 
the files necessary for build.

kind regards


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