[Qt-creator] Using QtCreator 2.6 with a BlackBerry Kit

Preet prismatic.project at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 23:22:03 CET 2012


I'm retrying this after getting rejected by the moderator before
subscribing (no reason given). Please let me know if there's a reason this
message isn't appropriate for the list.

I'm trying to set up QtCreator 2.6 with the BlackBerry Playbook NDK. Since
there's no guide for the Playbook NDK, I followed this:

I was able to get my applications to compile and deploy. However, QtCreator
can't 'find' or 'see' important libs internally. Specifically, everything
that's *not* a Qt lib can't be seen. This means I get no autocomplete or
highlighting for things like STL which makes working with Creator really

If I mess with "sysroot" in the new Kits feature for the Blackberry Kit,
QtCreator will stop "seeing" the Qt libs as well (I left the sysroot is
blank by default). All this is on a Linux machine. The paths/etc worked
fine with QtCreator 2.5 but the way a BlackBerry toolchain is set up with
2.5 is different.

So how can I make Qt Creator actually be aware of the correct paths to
things like the STL, OpenGL ES and other stuff that's in the BlackBerry NDK?


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