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Joseph Crowell joseph.w.crowell at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 15:31:33 CET 2012

I prefer the same because our project has precompiled libraries and a 
geoip.dat file located in the bin directory under our repo root and sets 
build/intermediate directories for the build process.

On 15/11/2012 10:40 PM, Michael Klank wrote:
> Hi Tobias,
> Orgad gives exactly my answer. So I would prefer a UI, so we can 
> override it.
> Our problem is, that we distribute a virtual machine with complete 
> development environment (toolchains a.s.o.), which will used from our 
> customers. And the most of them can create an UI for an HMI but they 
> have no knowledge about shadowbuild/out of source build and so on. In 
> some cases they don't know c++. That's why we have special 
> templates/plugins and so on, so they have nothing to do but create HMI 
> and build. The binary should appear always on the same location, 
> because of the workflow together with our plc.
> Just as background information.
> Best Regards,
> Michael
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