[Qt-creator] Issue accessing hardware from inside Qt Creator

Murphy, Sean M. sean.murphy at gd-ais.com
Tue Nov 20 19:01:50 CET 2012

I'm writing Qt software that among other things interfaces with a Symmetricom timing board (http://www.symmetricom.com/products/bus-level-timing/pci-express/bc635PCIe-IRIG/).  The Symmetricom board ships with a C++ SDK.  One of the first SDK calls you make to initialize the board and get a pointer to it is:
    BC_PCI_HANDLE bcStartPci ();
Which returns a handle to the timing board itself, or NULL if it fails.  Then the rest of the SDK requires you to pass that handle in to the other calls.

When I attempt to launch my application from inside of Qt Creator via the Run or Debug buttons, this call fails (returns NULL).  If I just step outside of Qt Creator and launch the same executable from the Linux terminal, the application functions correctly.  So no recompilation, etc.  It's the same executable, it's just being run from inside/outside of the Qt Creator environment.  To my knowledge, there are no system environment variables that need to be set to access the device.

So is there some Qt Creator setting I've missed that allows applications lower level hardware access from inside a Qt Creator session?

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