[Qt-creator] Configuration changes

Harri Pasanen harri at mpaja.com
Tue Oct 9 15:44:34 CEST 2012

On 10/09/2012 03:25 PM, Konstantin Tokarev wrote:
> 09.10.2012, 16:54, "Harri Pasanen" <harri at mpaja.com>:
>> Well, the N9 skin is quite close to many Android devices.   I faintly
>> recall seeing some docs on creating your own skins as well.
>> Are you saying that Simulator will no longer be supported in Qt
>> Creator?  Is it dropped already in 2.6?
>> For me personally the Simulator was quite good.  It was fast, comparable
>> to the iPhone simulator.  The QEmu based Android simulator is much slower.
> You compare apples and oranges. qemu is _emulator_, not _simulator_.

I stand corrected.

Both are fruit though, used for the same purpose.

My point was that the Simulator does have value for Android development.
Necessitas Qt Creator does support using the Android emulator, but it 
some times raw speed rules, one just has to be careful of the sharp 


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