[Qt-creator] Fake Vim wishlist

Alex Leach beamesleach at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 12:12:55 CEST 2012

Dear list,

I've started to learn C++, and figured I'd use Qt Creator as my IDE, as I look 
forward to being able to develop with the Qt SDK. I've been using KDE for 
years now, 'cos I think Qt apps look pretty cute ;) So it's about time I 
learnt how to make them myself I think..

I've been programming with vim for several years now; essentially just 
scripting languages cf. C++ (e.g. Python, Perl, sh, etc.); but I've also 
learnt and hacked a lot in C, not that it matters. Along the way, I've become 
very fond of certain keyboard bindings in vim, and I was hoping I could make 
some suggestions for future improvements. Is this the right place?

This is what else I would hope for in a vim-like environment:-

*Vim command and visual modes*
}	-	skip to next blank line (lines with extra white space are also 
{	-	skip to previous blank line, or first line in file.
In vim, parentheses do something similar, but I've always used curly braces, 
as have never exactly figured out the parentheses commands' movement...

*Insert mode*
(This isn't provided in vim, but I think it makes sense in a GUI IDE, and 
doesn't conflict with functionality in Fake Vim's insert mode - there isn't 
Ctrl+Shift+ left or right arrow - highlight previous or next word.
Ctrl+Shift+ up or down array - highlight up to start or end of paragraph.

Also in insert mode, another gripe I was having was when writing multi-line 
comments. It's probably a filetype plugin in vim, but every time you start a 
new line, a "*" is printed in the right place on the new line, and the cursor 
is indented to the same column as the previous line's comment. This doesn't 
happen in Qt Creator's Fake Vim, so for every new line in my comments, I'll 
have a bit more work to do than I would in vim.

Those are the only differences I've noticed really. Otherwise, QtCreator makes 
a pretty sweet IDE!

Kind regards,

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