[Qt-creator] Fake Vim wishlist

André Pönitz andre.poenitz at mathematik.tu-chemnitz.de
Wed Oct 31 00:27:55 CET 2012

On Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 11:12:55AM +0100, Alex Leach wrote:
> Dear list,

Hi Alex.

Sorry for the late reply.

> I've started to learn C++, and figured I'd use Qt Creator as my IDE, as I look 
> forward to being able to develop with the Qt SDK. I've been using KDE for 
> years now, 'cos I think Qt apps look pretty cute ;) So it's about time I 
> learnt how to make them myself I think..
> I've been programming with vim for several years now; essentially just 
> scripting languages cf. C++ (e.g. Python, Perl, sh, etc.); but I've also 
> learnt and hacked a lot in C, not that it matters. Along the way, I've become 
> very fond of certain keyboard bindings in vim, and I was hoping I could make 
> some suggestions for future improvements. Is this the right place?
> This is what else I would hope for in a vim-like environment:-
> *Vim command and visual modes*
> }	-	skip to next blank line (lines with extra white space are also 
> skipped)
> {	-	skip to previous blank line, or first line in file.
> In vim, parentheses do something similar, but I've always used curly braces, 
> as have never exactly figured out the parentheses commands' movement...

Type :help (  in real vim ;-)
It would be best to enter such feature requests on bugreports.qt-project.org

FakeVim is a real community project. Thanks to Lukas (who does not seem to be
subscribed to the list) a pretty active one again, but essentially everybody
scratches his own itch, or someone elses, at his own pace.

> *Insert mode*
> (This isn't provided in vim, but I think it makes sense in a GUI IDE, and 
> doesn't conflict with functionality in Fake Vim's insert mode - there isn't 
> any)
> Ctrl+Shift+ left or right arrow - highlight previous or next word.
> Ctrl+Shift+ up or down array - highlight up to start or end of paragraph.

That'd be pretty un-vim-ish.

There's 'vb' for selection to start of a word, and 'vaw' to select the
word under the cursor.

If you insist on using Ctrl-Shift-left for it, you can set up that
as a short cut to one of the FakeVim user actions in the Environment/
Keyboard settings and assign 'vaw' to that user action in the FakeVim

> Also in insert mode, another gripe I was having was when writing multi-line 
> comments. It's probably a filetype plugin in vim, but every time you start a 
> new line, a "*" is printed in the right place on the new line, and the cursor 
> is indented to the same column as the previous line's comment. This doesn't 
> happen in Qt Creator's Fake Vim, so for every new line in my comments, I'll 
> have a bit more work to do than I would in vim.

Right. Not all of vim is supported.

> Those are the only differences I've noticed really. Otherwise, QtCreator makes 
> a pretty sweet IDE!



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