[Qt-creator] Type of the tests of QtCreator

Robert Löhning robert.loehning at digia.com
Wed Oct 31 15:47:26 CET 2012

Am 31.10.2012 12:44, schrieb Przemyslaw Gorszkowski:
> On Wed, Oct 31, 2012 at 11:59 AM, Daniel Teske <daniel.teske at digia.com>wrote:
>>> I would like to ask about general topic of tests(unit, functional,
>>> regression and so on). What kind of tests do we have for testing of
>>> QtCreator? I know that there are some unit tests for completion, code
>>> generation(only tests the InsertionPointLocator) and for FakeVim plugin.
>> I
>>> have seen also scripts for Squish but as far as I understand Squish is
>> used
>>> internally(it is not possible for "external" developers to use it).There
>> is
>>> also Jenkins which is used mostly for building snapshots.
>> Those and also starting a debug Creator with -test all will run some
>> autotests
>> in a running Creator.
> What about Squish? Is it possible to write some test base on Squish and
> have possibliity to verify the results?

You can run the Squish tests if you have a valid license for Squish. 
You'll also need to have some data in place (e.g. a Qt SDK installed and 
a checkout of Creator repository). Some of this is explained in 
tests\system\README. I can tell you more if you like.
Of course you can write further Squish tests for Creator and we'd very 
much appreciate getting patches with them. If you have any questions, 
feel free to contact me via mail or IRC (rloehning).

>>> What about
>>> integration unit tests results and other kind of available test results
>>> there(run all kind of tests after building and checking the results)?

We (the Berlin office) did run the Squish tests continuously on Jenkins. 
We're still working on making this run again.

Creator -test all

like Daniel mentioned is already being done on Jenkins. Unfortunately 
none of the results are publicly available, yet.


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