[Qt-creator] New IMode above Welcome

Guido Seifert wargand at gmx.de
Thu Apr 11 08:55:41 CEST 2013

> Hello Guido!
> I really hate people introducing new modes: They break the keyboard
> shortcuts (Ctrl-2 for edit, Ctrl-7 for Help, etc.) that I came to
> depend on.

I don't want to be hated. :-( :-( :-(

My answer (also for Eike): I am in a commercial project, which wants
to use QtCreator as base for its development framework. When I am done,
most of the QtCreator stuff will be gone or replaced by custom plugins. 
It won't be QtCreator anymore. 

> Can't you just (integrate your mode with|replace) an existing one?
> E.g. the pages in the welcome mode can be reused IIRC to make creating
> custom welcome modes simple.

I can do many things. But I am still in the phase where to discover how
to do things best. :-)

How the final result will look like? No idea, yet.


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