[Qt-creator] BareMetal Target Plugin

Tim Sander tim at krieglstein.org
Wed Aug 7 10:47:47 CEST 2013


While looking at the source a little more probably creating a BareMetal device 
type is the more apropriate way to go? So the rough outline i am currently 
plotting out is:
Create a devicetype BareMetal
Create an device for BareMetal
Create the coresponding BareMetal device dialogs: Server Port, GDB server etc.
Create the coresponding run dialogs and glue logic.

Another approach would be to add a "Remote Deployment" to the desktop kit but 
that kind of feels like cheating?

> > Also if you have some hints which parts should/could be reeused would be
> > nice.
> src/plugins/debugger/debuggerrunconfigurationaspect.h would be the place
> for per-runconfiguration settinfs.
Huh, i have never seen this dialog running. The only thing i see on desktop 
debug config is without a debug port? What do i have to do to see the extended 
dialog with ServerPort? I only see an widget with "Enable C++" and "Enable 

Best regards

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