[Qt-creator] Remote Linux plugin and CMake

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Thu Aug 22 16:16:29 CEST 2013

On 21/08/13 15:21, Stephen Kelly wrote:
> Christian Kandeler wrote:
>>> - The project has to generate a file which tells Creator what to deploy.
>>> Oleksii Serdiuk has implemented that, and it works like this. The project
>>> has to have a CMakeDeployment.txt in the root of the project, which
>>> essentially contains a list of files that should be deployed and where to
>>> deploy them The benefit here is, that Oleksii already wrote a patch, and
>>> that we could use the same file format also for the generic and autotools
>>> projects.
>> This approach does not have the above-mentioned problem.
> It does have the problem of redundant maintanence of that file (manually).

CMake if powerful enough to automate generation of this file. That's
what we do in our project.

We have two macros defined:
> macro(add_deployment_file SRC DEST)
>     file(APPEND "${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/CMakeDeployment.txt" "${path}/${SRC}:${DEST}\n")
> endmacro()
> macro(add_deployment_folder SRC DEST)
>     foreach(filename ${files})
>         get_filename_component(path ${filename} PATH)
>         add_deployment_file("${filename}" "${DEST}/${path}")
>     endforeach(filename)
> endmacro()

And in the project we do, first:
> file(WRITE "${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/CMakeDeployment.txt" "${DEPLOYMENT_PREFIX}\n")

and then, for example:
> add_deployment_file("qmldir" "import/myplugin")
> add_deployment_folder("resources" "import/myplugin")

Now, to update CMakeDeployment.txt you only need to re-run cmake.

Binaries (libs and executables) are put into deployment list
automatically by CMake plugin by traversing its build targets.

With best regards,
Olekii Serdiuk

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