[Qt-creator] Remote Linux plugin and CMake

André Pönitz andre.poenitz at mathematik.tu-chemnitz.de
Tue Aug 27 23:06:41 CEST 2013

On Thu, Aug 22, 2013 at 12:11:25PM +0200, Daniel Teske wrote:
> > > Maybe the solution is to simply support both. List of files for some
> > > cases, 'make install' for other. User selects. Or can be determined
> > > by the presence of the 'CMakeDeployment.txt'. Or something like that.
> I don't want to maintain multiple ways. That's beyond what I consider 
> reasonable effort for the benefit. (Others can disagree and volunteer.) I want 
> one solution.
> I'm pretty confident that all 3 solutions I did suggest are implementable and 
> don't take unreasonable effort.
> The purpose of the mail though wasn't so much to discuss how to implement 
> that.
> I want to know how many people want such a feature. And secondly how they 
> would want Creator to integrate with their cmake project.

The major pain point we need to address here is that there should be _some_
way to handle cmake projects with remote targets. Creator is able to handle
remote setups fairly well, limiting that to setups where qmake is used as
build system is a needless restriction.

I tend towards the CMakeDeployment.txt way, mostly in the hope that (a)
it's the simpler implementation, (b) the CMakeDeployment.txt generation can
be somewhat integrated into some of the "normal" cmake projects and (c) the
changes on the Creator side can be adapted later to the Generic project
(and possible others)

I still wouldn't oppose to have the cmake "install" based solution in
addition, but there your first paragraph seems to hit the target well.


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