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> Hey Guys,
> I have created a new design for the Qt Creator. For now its "only" raw design
> made in Photoshop and of course only my very first sketches.  The style of
> the Editor is dark and therefore comfortable to work especially in the night ;).

Doesn't Visual Studio have/had a similar theme, too? Haven't opened it in a while ;)

> Please provide me useful feedback so I can improve my concepts.

Actually I personally like the overall darker look, though solely using flat gray & square boxes look a bit too 'plain' to me. The current theme has some nice gradients, which doesn't stand out but IMO still make a it look 'polished'.  Anyhow, the dark theme would certainly fit better with the Qt Quick Designer look :)

(But other's will violently disagree, as Guido's reaction shows ... that's the nature of it, I guess.)

For the non-color changes, I only feel strongly about Locator. Don't kill it, or move it anywhere else ;)

Just a general warning: I don't think we can do any bigger style changes for 3.0, cause we just don't have the man power to do it properly, and feature freeze is already around the corner. And 3.0 is pretty much all we should focus on right now, at least when it comes to real coding.

My 2 cents,


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