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Hartmann Thomas Thomas.Hartmann at digia.com
Fri Aug 30 10:59:42 CEST 2013


personally I really like the proposal.

But we have to stay realistic: The propability that a redesign like this happens in the foreseeable future is less then 1%.
The effort is far too huge for the benefit.

What could be done is some "local" polishing and updating of the style that does effect the general ui.
The Manhatten style could be updated (this is the custom style Qt Creator uses) and the icons could be redone/unfied/modernized.

This is still a lot of work (for one month), but it is something that could realistically happen, if the new design is convincing enough. Please keep in mind that this also has a lot of impact on documentation (screenshots).

Kind Regards,
Thomas Hartmann
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