[Qt-creator] How to import a CMake based project in QtCreator 3.0

Mike Jackson imikejackson at gmail.com
Fri Dec 20 16:39:36 CET 2013

I would like to use QtCreator to debug my current project. I have
downloaded and installed QtCreator 3.0 and have also installed Visual
Studio 2013 pro. In addition I have CMake installed. I use
QtCreator on OS X and Linux so I am generally familiar with it.

I launch QtCreator, go to File->open File or Project and select my
CMakeLists.txt file. Then we start the usual stuff to select CMake and
setup a QtKit. My Qt is installed in C:\Developer\x64\Qt-4.8.5 and is self
built. I set the build directory and click Next. Now the issue is that the
only "generator" I can select is "Ninja". I used to be able to select nmake
(at least I thought I did). I don't have ninja installed and the ninja
developers do not seem to have a precompiled binary of it. The sys admins
for the machine do not allow python to be installed so I can not build
ninja. Am I stuck?

Thanks for any advice.

I tried to use cmake to configure the build directory with NMake and
NMake/Jom and then try to use that build directory for QtCreator but that
still did not work.

Mike Jackson
imikejackson _at_ gee-mail dot com
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