[Qt-creator] [Fwd: Re: BareMetal Target Plugin Configuration]

Tim Sander tim at krieglstein.org
Fri Dec 27 23:34:00 CET 2013

Hi Jeandet
> As a complement to what I send to Tim yesterday, here is a link to my
> kit. It's still under development and far away to be releasable!
> ftp://ftp.lpp.polytechnique.fr/jeandet/keep/libuc2.tar.bz2
> If anybody want to have a look at it, it works only on linux_x64 and if
> you put it in /opt/libuc2 then you can add this as Qt kit from creator.
I am currently traveling. So my connectivity is rather bad. I will look at 
this stuff when i have a better internet connection.
> In my understanding the run setting is the place you start your gdb
> server with all the options (gdb port address), a good feature could be
> to add it automatically from a wizard or the Bare metal plugin.
Having a Settings for different backends is surely a good thing. I am happy to 
hear some suggestions. But having a text input is very versatile and easy so 
i opted for this in the first run. Also optionally managing the gdbserver from 
within  qtcreator would also be nice...

Best regards

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