[Qt-creator] [Fwd: Re: BareMetal Target Plugin Configuration]

Freddie Chopin freddie_chopin at op.pl
Sat Dec 28 00:58:34 CET 2013

W dniu 2013-12-27 23:41, Tim Sander pisze:
> I have the suspicion that you are using a different project than the one i
> tested. I used qmake and qbs based builds for testing i am not sure if other
> build systems work but if you have some project for me to test i could take a
> look. From looking at the source i am pretty sure that cmake does not work
> where the reason lies within the cmake plugin of qtcreator.

It's possible. As I said I've just tried to use the path of least 
resistance, so I just imported a project which uses Makefile (as "import 
existing project") - it's neither qmake, nor qbs, nor cmake. You think 
that this is the main issue and such setup won't work for now? It's a 
pity, as that's the easiest to set up (the project, not the debugging - 

Using qmake requires "faking Qt", so that's not very interesting in case 
you don't know much about Qt Creator... On the other hand using qbs 
requires either learning another build system (and getting the 
non-standard binary, as I have heard the official releases have some 
problems with assembly files). Maybe there is some example project that 
I could use verbatim or at least use that as a starter?


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