[Qt-creator] Qt Creator 2.7 roadmap

VStevenP vstevenpavao at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 5 00:30:42 CET 2013

Hi Thomas,

> From: Thomas Hartmann <Thomas.Hartmann at digia.com>
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>Sent: Monday, February 4, 2013 4:05 AM
>Subject: Re: [Qt-creator] Qt Creator 2.7 roadmap
>Am 01/02/2013 22:38, schrieb VStevenP:
>> If I were to sync and build the new Qt Creator 2.7 branch, to what extent does the Designer currently support Qt Quick 2 ?
>The support is basically the same as for Qt Quick 1.0. Just make sure 
>you build Qt Creator with Qt 5.0.1 or the coming 5.1/dev.
>There might be still some issues of course. Any feedback is welcome.
>Kind Regards,
>Thomas Hartmann

Qt Creator 2.7 Designer's Qt Quick 2 support looks good so far, from the few things I tried after installing 5.0.1 and building 2.7 from Gitorious.  Thanks!

I will be able to more easily tweak my originally hand-coded Qt Quick 2 layouts in Qt Creator 2.7.

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