[Qt-creator] Odp: Adding folder with sources to project

PaweĊ‚ Faron pawelfaron87 at wp.pl
Thu Feb 14 21:28:15 CET 2013

>> I have a question. After "Importing Project" to QtCreator I have the
>> possibility to "Add Existing Files...", where I can choose single files
>> and add them.
>> But What I really want is the possibility to choose a directory from which
>> QtCreator should pick files (and from subdirectories) and add them to
>> project. It's should be also great to have the possibility to specify what
>> file extensions I'm interested in.
>Click on "Edit files".

>> Is it a big effort to implement such a functionality?


Totally not knowing QtCreator source code I was able to add this functionality in coupe of minutes (excluding build and run time). Details below:

There is a function:

void ProjectExplorerPlugin::addExistingFiles(const QStringList &filePaths)

which is invoked when a user select files to add. When we give it files from different directories it behaves correctly.
So all we need to do is to add new action (e.g. ?Add Existing Directory??) in which we allow a user to choose directory which we recursively search for files and invoke this function with list of those files.

If I?ll create some patch for this functionality will you add it to QtCreator? 
I have a couple ideas to useful features which I know from other editors, is it possible for me to contribute in developing QtCreator? I?m professional software developer working in multinational companies and I very like QtCreator so I want to give it something from me.

best regards

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