[Qt-creator] Todo plugin issues

Sergey Shambir sergey.shambir.auto at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 18:19:18 CET 2013

Todo plugin was merged in 2.5, but still marked experimental. I think 
it's time to collect list of "release-blocking" issues in this plugin. 
After list will be finished, i'll start to fix it (maybe Dmitry 
Savchenko will join). I hope in one day all problems will be fixed and 
"experimental" mark will be removed.

User-visible issues:

 1. doxygen tags @todo and @note are not supported
 2. parenthesized syntax not supported —
    TODO(sergey.shambir.auto at gmail.com): as example
 3. visual bug in KDE dark color schemes: background color hardcoded and
    text color isn't on todo output pane

Internal issues:

 1. TODO plugin still scans whole project, but C++ code model keeps list
    of comments for each translation unit and can find todos on indexing
 2. It also parses only C++ and QML/js. Generic text editor provides
    enought information to recognize comments, but this ability still

Let's discuss and extend this list :) I also need to know Digia 
engineers opinion about priorities of listed issues.

P.S. How about save final list at bugtracker or wiki?

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