[Qt-creator] Open Documents Synchronization

PaweĊ‚ Faron pawelfaron87 at wp.pl
Wed Feb 20 11:23:38 CET 2013


In Open Documents? pane we have some very useful features under right click. But it would be great to have the possibility to synchronize the selected file with ?Projects? pane. It would be great for people who have disabled ?Synchronize with Editor? options.

So for an example the option could be named just ?Show in Projects? or similar. 

The other very useful features could be to have ?Copy File Name to Clipboard? and ?Copy Full File Path to Clipboard?. This couldn't be big effort for someone who is familiar with the source code, because you already have the path to file because it is possible to ?Show in Explorer? which is great feature.

Is it possible for someone to implement this? I didn't start yet the process to became QtCreator supported to do this myself and ask you to review.

Best regards

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