[Qt-creator] Issues with Qt-Creator context sensitive help

fgf fgf at gmx.net
Thu May 9 13:03:08 CEST 2013

I posted the message below to the Qt Project forum but was advised to
send it to this mailing list.


I use Qt Creator 2.7.0 (Windows 7, mingw) with several different Qt
versions installed and have issues with the help functionality

1. The search function in help mode does not to work (however, inputs in
the index tab work as expected): Whatever search term I insert nothing
is found (neither in exact nor approximate search). Is this a known
problem? I am aware that I can use the locator, but it seems strange to
have a non-functional dialog

2. There seems to be no obvious way to filter context sensitive help
(invoked with F1). As already mentioned, I have several different
version of Qt installed and would like to see the help page related to
the Qt version in the currently selected kit. Instead I am always
presented with the help page related to one Qt version (the first in
which the key word is found?). If such a truely context sensitive help
is not possible, it should at least be possible to filter the context
sensitive help manually, in a way similar to the method used in the help

3. The help pages do not indicate the Qt version to which they relate.
Is there an easy way to figure out the Qt-Version ?

Any suggestions to overcome these problems are highly welcome

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