[Qt-creator] On windows QtCreator 2.7 does not load local & expressions data automatically

Abir Basak abirbasak at gmail.com
Fri May 10 12:13:32 CEST 2013

I was using Qt Creator 2.7 on Windows 7. When I try to debug an
application, Qt Creator does not automatically load Locals & Expressions or
the Stack etc automatically, which it used to load on 2.6.2.
The same problem persists for the snapshots also (Tested on 9th May
The reason seems, 2.7.0 never inserts the bb command to load current stack,
while 2.6.2 does.
Also it does not automatically update the stack or locals as I step through
the debugger. The reason is same as bb command is not called (it just calls
exec-next), and I need to manually reload stack frame after every step.
Is anyone else facing same problem? What could be the reason for such

NOTE:  I am using mingw -w64 build gcc 2.7.2 win32 version from mingw-w64
project (build by rubenvb) for all versions of QtCreator, Which has a gdb

Below are the Debugger Log for 2.6.2 and 2.7 Version respectively


2.6.2 Log

81show version
82show debug-file-directory
83set print object on
84set breakpoint pending on
85set print elements 10000
86set overload-resolution off
87handle SIGSEGV nopass stop print
88set unwindonsignal on
89set width 0
90set height 0
91-interpreter-exec console "set breakpoint always-inserted on"
92-interpreter-exec console "set trust-readonly-sections on"
93-interpreter-exec console "set remotecache on"
94-interpreter-exec console "maintenance set internal-warning quit no"
95-interpreter-exec console "maintenance set internal-error quit no"
96-interpreter-exec console "disassemble 0 0"
97set substitute-path C:/iwmake/build_mingw_opensource
98set substitute-path C:/ndk_buildrepos/qt-desktop/src
99-interpreter-exec console "set auto-solib-add on"
100-interpreter-exec console "python
101-interpreter-exec console "python
102-interpreter-exec console "python
103b _wassert
b _assert
104-interpreter-exec console "bbsetup"
105-interpreter-exec console "pwd"
106-interpreter-exec console "set target-async off"
107-interpreter-exec console "set build-id-verbose 2"
108attach 2104
109-break-insert "\"main.cpp\":25"
110-break-insert "\"\":0"
111-break-insert "\"\":0"
112-break-insert "\"\":0"
113-break-insert "\"\":0"
114info line *0x401c45
115break :0
116break :0
117break :0
118break :0
119maint print msymbols C:/Users/abir/AppData/Local/Temp/gdb_ns_.qc2232
120-break-insert -f abort
122-stack-list-frames 0 20
123-stack-select-frame 0
124bb options:fancy,autoderef,dyntype vars:
expanded:return,local,watch,inspect typeformats: formats: watchers:
<Rebuild Watchmodel 3>

2.7 Log
37show version
38show debug-file-directory
39set print object on
40set breakpoint pending on
41set print elements 10000
42set overload-resolution off
43handle SIGSEGV nopass stop print
44set unwindonsignal on
45set width 0
46set height 0
47-interpreter-exec console "set remotecache on"
48-interpreter-exec console "maintenance set internal-warning quit no"
49-interpreter-exec console "maintenance set internal-error quit no"
50-interpreter-exec console "disassemble 0 0"
51set substitute-path C:/iwmake/build_mingw_opensource
52set substitute-path C:/ndk_buildrepos/qt-desktop/src
53set substitute-path Q:/qt5_workdir/w/s C:/Qt/Desktop/482/mingw32
54-interpreter-exec console "set auto-solib-add on"
55-interpreter-exec console "python print 43"
56-interpreter-exec console "pwd"
57-interpreter-exec console "set target-async off"
58-interpreter-exec console "set build-id-verbose 2"
59attach 6740
60-break-insert "\"main.cpp\":25"
61-break-insert "\"\":0"
62-break-insert "\"\":0"
63info line *0x401c45
64break :0
65break :0
66maint print msymbols C:/Users/abir/AppData/Local/Temp/gdb_ns_.mU5660
67-break-insert -f abort
69-interpreter-exec console "python
70-interpreter-exec console "python
71-interpreter-exec console "python
72-interpreter-exec console "python qqStringCutOff = 10000"
73b _wassert
b _assert
74-interpreter-exec console "bbsetup"
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