[Qt-creator] New Design #3

Tomasz Siekierda sierdzio at gmail.com
Tue Sep 10 06:33:51 CEST 2013

On 10 September 2013 05:20, Elias Steurer <elias at evolutionzone.net> wrote:
> Hey Guys,
> I have some new sketches to share with you:
> The Dark Version
> http://img821.imageshack.us/img821/4779/xemj.png
> First preview of the Light Theme (Without the top bar)
> http://img19.imageshack.us/img19/94/t0vx.png
> Best,
> Eli

To reiterate what others have been saying: *don't use tabs*. It's a
horrible idea, very counter productive. Current way Qt Creator works
is just fine. Most displays are panoramic nowadays, so we have a lot
of space on the sides. Vertical space, however, is quite precious.

Otherwise, I guess it looks OK, although the current look is also very good.


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