[Qt-creator] Unable to get C++ context help

Adam Strzelecki ono at java.pl
Wed Apr 9 21:44:08 CEST 2014

Gena wrote:
> For me it doesn't work even with gcc and libstdc++ (debian testing 
> amd64, qtc 3.0.1 from the qt-project.org). F1 just opens main page of 
> the help…

First of all I just found out that last 2 releases of CPP help QCH are BUGGY! Please see:


> I’ll try to debug this problem and send you a bug report.

Regarding libc++/Clang F1 context help, here is what I found:

(1) When using libstc++ F1-ing on is_open of some ifstream instance triggers „std::basic_ifstream::is_open” search
(2) When using libc++ with Clang it looks up for „std::___LIBCPP_ABI_VERSION::basic_ifstream::is_open”

This is due libc++ adds version to the symbols so in theory we can have program running using libraries linked to different C++ stdlibs.

Anyway here is simple fix for all Clang Mac users, just fire sqlite3 on .qch file and run following SQL:

	insert into IndexTable (Name, Identifier, NamespaceId, FileId, Anchor) select Name, replace(Identifier, 'std::', 'std::___LIBCPP_ABI_VERSION::'), NamespaceId, FileId, Anchor from IndexTable;

I gonna write about this to the QCH author too.


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