[Qt-creator] QtCreator 3.0.84 - GUI hangs when loading large project

Liebe Markus (RtP2/TEF72) Markus.Liebe at de.bosch.com
Thu Apr 24 10:00:12 CEST 2014

Hi there,

we have a quite large project tree here - consisting of one main .pro file which then contains several subdir projects and so on (around 400 .pro files).

(Btw. we are using OpenSuSE 13.1.)

The problem that we are facing is that when loading our project, the GUI of QtCreator freezes until the project has been loaded. Because of the size of the project you have to stare for about a minute or two on a non-responsive screen. This leads to the wrong thinking that Creator has crashed - and several fellow developers just kill the app and try again.

You can try this for yourself when loading the QtCreator sources: QtCreator is unresponsive as long as the project is beeing loaded.

Is this a known issue? I already skimmed the issues in the bug tracker and found none relating to this.

Mit freundlichen Gr??en / Best regards

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