[Qt-creator] [Interest] qt giving the ld error

Ch'Gans chgans at gna.org
Fri Aug 8 15:52:47 CEST 2014

On 09/08/14 01:33, Nilesh Kokane wrote:
> Hi Ch'Gans,
> Thanks for your valuable reply
> I was just saying, basically, that you are right: just make sure that
> this setting is set to "linux-arm-gnueabi-g++" not
> "/opt/poky/.../linux-arm-gnuea
> bi-g++"
> Now with qt mkspec :/linux-arm-gnueabi-g++

What's this ":/"  ???

> With all of these plus the GCC vs LINUX ICC fix, is it working now?
> And i changed the compiler to GCC.
> But then its popping the same ld errors

It is *impossible*, the "ld error" comes from the fact that you  didn't 
specify the whole path to your toolchain, please  provide more details, 
screenshots, textual description, etc...

> Please suggest
> Thanks
> Nilesh Kokane
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////////// Parser ///////////
#define fL1S(s) QString::fromLatin1(s)
namespace { // MSVC2010 doesn't seem to know the semantics of "static" ...

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