[Qt-creator] Code Analysis for Refactorings in QtCreator

Nikolai Kosjar nikolai.kosjar at digia.com
Fri Aug 29 10:08:31 CEST 2014


On Mon, 25. Aug 15:47, Pascal Kesseli wrote:
> I am also trying to give a short description as to which of these algorithms
> have already made it into commercial products. Is there any group, person or
> piece of documentation that I could consult as to which smell detection and
> refactoring application algorithms are used in QtCreator?

Here is a overview of the provided refactoring actions in Qt Creator:


As a user manual it does not provide any information about the

Here are some pointers to the implementations:

For renaming, look into
    * CppEditorWidget::renameSymbolUnderCursor
    * QmlJSEditorWidget::renameUsages

You can find all implementations of other refactoring operations by
inspecting the sub classes of TextEditor::QuickFixFactory [1]. All C++
refactoring actions are implemnted in

> The algorithm categories are the following:

> - (AST) Pattern Matching

Maybe CPlusPlus::ASTMatcher.

> - Abstract Interpretation (e.g. symbolic execution)

CPlusPlus::Bind is an ASTVisitor that generates symbols that are then
accessible as a tree via CPlusPlus::Document::globalNamespace().

> - Metadata (comments, annotations, method/class names)

A CPlusPlus::Document has a TranslationUnit that provides the
comments via


Annotations are not saved.

For the indexed data (functions, classes), see CppTools::IndexItem.

> - Slicing (Forward/Backward)
> - Software Metrics
> - (Meta-)heuristics
> - Contracts/Invariants
> - Clustering
> - Model Checking (state space exploration)

Can't say anything to these. Maybe provide some concrete examples.


[1] If you open the Qt Creator project in Qt Creator itself, hit
Ctrl+Shift+T (Open Type Hierarchy) on "TextEditor::QuickFixFactory" in
e.g.  /src/plugins/cppeditor/cppquickfix.h to get all sub classes
displayed in the sidebar.

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