[Qt-creator] "Settings for XXX from a different from Environment?" dialog mayhem

Jason H scorp1us at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 5 16:52:29 CET 2014

"No .user settings file created by this instance ...."

"Did you work with this project on another machine .. or different settings path...? "
YES, that's what happened.

"Do you still want to load the Settings File... ?"
NO, those settings are invalid.

Buttons: [Yes] [NO]

What do I click? Why ask two questions with different answers and only one option. Which question am I answering?

Why not test the paths? 
- If the old settings work, and the new settings work, ask one question. "Would you like to adjust the settings to this machine?"
-- Bonus points if you can compare Qt versions and future out of we're using a later version.
- Else, if only the old settings work, or no settings work, keep the old settings. 
- Else, if only the new settings work, update to use them.
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