[Qt-creator] "Settings for XXX from a different from Environment?" dialog mayhem

Tobias Hunger tobias.hunger at digia.com
Thu Feb 6 13:42:24 CET 2014

On 05.02.2014 16:52, Jason H wrote:
> "No .user settings file created by this instance ...."
> "Did you work with this project on another machine .. or different
> settings path...? "
> YES, that's what happened.
> "Do you still want to load the Settings File... ?"
> NO, those settings are invalid.
> Buttons: [Yes] [NO]
> What do I click? Why ask two questions with different answers and only
> one option. Which question am I answering?

The second one. Yes, that could take some clarification.

> Why not test the paths?

It is not about the paths, but about the kits and other configuration 
settings. We stored the id of the kits in the .user file and we just do 
not have enough information guess which one of the kits in your other 
environment may match which kit in your current environment (if at all).

> - If the old settings work, and the new settings work, ask one question.
> "Would you like to adjust the settings to this machine?"

The "old" settings work for the other setup of Qt Creator (on a 
different machine or one started with a different -settingspath or 

> -- Bonus points if you can compare Qt versions and future out of we're
> using a later version.

We can't as we do not have enough information in the file to guess what 
you might like.

> - Else, if only the old settings work, or no settings work, keep the old
> settings.
> - Else, if only the new settings work, update to use them.

They both work... the "old" one with your other setup of Qt Creator and 
the "new" one with the current active setup of Qt Creator. We can not 
guess whether you still want to use the other setup or not... so we keep 
the settings around in all cases.

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