[Qt-creator] Not scroll editor when stepping in debugger

Wiebe Cazemier wiebe at halfgaar.net
Mon Feb 24 21:37:45 CET 2014

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> I had a look at VS today, and it looked like until the last visible line
> (even if there are already a few pixels missing) which time you don't see
> _any_ of the upcoming context, and then centers the view on the next step.
> A compromise might be along the lines of offering Eclipse 8-lines-or-so
> margin as option. But even that requires someone to put a patch on
> codereview.qt-project.org.

Would it be an option to use ensureCursorVisible() and make it scroll a few extra lines (whether you go up or down)? For example, when you press ctrl-[ to go to the beginning of the block, I often have to scroll a little bit to see the actual function, whlle, if or whatever the opening { belongs to. Same when searching. When a next match is found, it would be better to have a few extra lines, and not the bare minimum (being the last line). 

I might actually try to implement it. First task, get a working code checkout :)

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