[Qt-creator] Adding External Libraries

Comp dcomptd at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 08:46:07 CET 2014


Am trying to add external library (boost filesystem) to my project using 
the add library dialog.
Qt Creator does not pick the library nor the include files.
In the .pro file the following is added;


else:win32:CONFIG(debug,  debug|release):  LIBS  +=  -L$$PWD/C:/MinGW/lib/  -lboost_filesystemd

else:unix:!macx:  LIBS  +=  -L$$PWD/C:/MinGW/lib/  -lboost_filesystem

INCLUDEPATH  +=  $$PWD/C:/MinGW/include

DEPENDPATH  +=  $$PWD/C:/MinGW/include


What Am I doing wrong? Are the characters "$$PWD/" suppose to be there?

Am on Windows 7 64bit using Qt Creator 3.1.0 beta, from revision 249a8b2d24

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