[Qt-creator] Using C++11 in Creator's source

Daniel Teske daniel.teske at digia.com
Fri Mar 7 11:54:00 CET 2014

On Friday 07 Mar 2014 11:42:30 Tobias Hunger wrote:
> On 04.03.2014 14:09, Daniel Teske wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > since we have branched 3.1 from master, master no longer needs to support
> > OS X 10.6. As such I propose, that we open up master for those C++11
> > features that are supported by VS 2010, g++ 4.5 and clang 3.1.
> That is the list that is used for Qt 5, but why can't we go for
> something a bit newer?
Because it makes no difference in which parts of C++11 we can use. VS 2010 
limits what we can use, g++ 4.5 and clang 3.1 are simply the first versions 
that more or less support a superset of VS 2010's support. 

As I wrote in my initial mail, in practice I would expect no one to use those 
compilers any more. 

> I am no Windows user, maybe we can just bump the requirement to MSVC
> 2012 there? That would be a huge step forward for our C++11 support!
No, I think it's too early for that.


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