[Qt-creator] Configure Qt Creator for Windows Phone

Carlos aarkham2k3 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 20 15:15:03 CET 2014


I have tried to compile the animated tiles example for Windows Phone 8 
with the beta downloaded from 

 first problem has been the Kit, Qt Creator detected visual studio and 
added a kit for Windows Phone 8, but it was configured with the Device 
type as Desktop and I cannot change it.

 I added a kit manually and it started to work, but it could not find 
windeployqt or winrtrunner. I solved this adding the path to PATH, but I
 don't think this is the right solution.

Then the example 
compiled but it failed  in the linking phase. It could not find an 
object file (sorry, I do not remember the name) and I solved it adding a
 LIB environment variable.

Now, the example compiles, but the a 
dialog box appears wit the title "Custom Executable" and asks for an 
executable. I didn't know what executable and parameters was asking for, finally I
 put windeployqt and it make it work.

Last, I had to zip all the files and rename them to .xap and deploy it with xapdeploy.exe and it works in the phone!!!

How can I configure QT Creator to do automate all of
 this? I'd like not having to put environment variables that are for the phone but I have to change for the emulator, create the .xap file and deploy the program.

Thanks in advance
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