[Qt-creator] Any WYSIWYG improvements for QML?

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multi selection is not supported by the property editor, yet.
Laying out items using multi selection is supported. Just select the items you want to layout and use the context menu. This is documented here: http://qt-project.org/doc/qtcreator-3.0/quick-screens.html (Using Layouts).
Was the Qt Quick Designer in Qt Creator 2.8 more stable for you?

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With the upcoming 5.3, have there been any fixes and improvements to the QML editor?

I found the 5.2/3.0 editor unusable. Too many crashes and just didn't do what I intended. I've been using the Eclipse plugin for Android, and its not perfect but it is usable. I still drop to text mode a lot to do easy repeated property editing. In widget designer, we could just multi-select. If we could get what Android has but with multi select, it'd be great. The only other thing would be multi select with a "layout in" option, where you could do Rectangle, Row, or Column (or other QML layout)

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