[Qt-creator] Threadnames command (debugger plugin)

Álvaro del Barrio delba.bcn at gmail.com
Wed May 14 11:50:57 CEST 2014

Hi Andre,

We are setting the names using prctl(PR_SET_NAME...) which seems to be
standard (we can see this thread names in the output of the *top* command
in unix. Can gdb understand the thread name created using prtcl?

We were using your python script for this purpose, but now in QtCreator 3.1
(with Qt 4.8 and RHEL6-64bits) is not working anymore, well since Qt
Creator 3.0 but I was able to restore it enabling the threadnames command.

We have also found another pthread method (pthread_setname_np) but is not

In the attached file you can see a debugger log my debug session.

My workstations is running Red Hat 6 (64 bits)

Thanks in advance and regards.


2014-05-12 10:07 GMT+02:00 Poenitz Andre <Andre.Poenitz at digia.com>:

> Álvaro del Barrio wrote:
> > I am used to see the threads' names of the threads of a running
> application
> > during a remote debugging sesssion. It is realy useful to me because one
> > of my working projects has more than 200 threads.
> > But I have noticed that the threadnames command in gdbbridge.py is now
> > disabled in QtCreator 3.1, I have tried to restore it by myself but
> python
> > complains about self.currentQtNamespaceGuess the first time I want
> > to debug, and does nothing the next sessions.
> Can you attach a full debugger log (contents of right pane of Windows
> ->Views->Debugger), or send it to me in private email?
> My plan was actually to be able to rely on GDB's reporting of thread
> names and abandon the homegrown version which was comparatively
> expensive. But this does not seem to work out for your setup...
> Andre'
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