[Qt-creator] Bad performance ClangCodeModel plugin

Freddy Martinez Garcia freddy311082 at gmail.com
Thu May 15 04:41:37 CEST 2014

Hi guys

I'm testing qt5.3 RC.... I'm using c++11 in my project, and with ClangCodeModel i have c++11 code completion as I need, but... ┬┐why its performance is so bad?

when I invoke a code completion, it show one or 2two seconds later... 

I don't think that my problem is a hardware because i have:

OS -> Maveriks 10.9.2
MacBookPro with Retina Display ME294  2014
core i7 2.6GHz 4th generation with turbo bust until 3.8 GHz
16 Gb RAM 1600 MHz
1 Tb SSD

so, I have a great hardware and the performance of the code completion when I use ClangCodeModel is very bad...

I don't know if I need to configure something else

anyone know about it ??

best regards


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