[Qt-creator] Building QtCreator 3.1.1 from the zip in QtProjects Downloads

Henry Skoglund fromqt at tungware.se
Wed May 21 02:47:00 CEST 2014


just installed Qt 5.3, then I downloaded the source zip of QtCreator's 
3.1.1. I need to build it, so I can compile my Wordstar-flavored editor 
plugin for QtCreator (maybe I'm giving away my age here).

Opened qtcreator.pro in QtCreator and hit ctrl-shift-B. Brewed some 
fresh coffee and expected the usual half hour. But, it stopped after 
only a few minutes, a dependent .cpp file wasn't found. Wtf? Wondered 
what tosser had uploaded this?

Then after looking around I saw that QtCreator 3.1.1 is built with Qt 
5.2.1!! (And I couldn't reuse my old plugin dll from 5.2.1, QtCreator 
said: failed dependency for plugin core 3.0.1.)
So, uninstall 5.3 and reinstall 5.2.1. Opened 3.1.1's qtcreator.pro 
again. Sure thing, half an hour later, I have a new QtCreator 3.1.1 
build. Built my plugin with 5.2.1. Uninstalled 5.2.1 and installed 5.3. 
Now I can work again :-)

Reason I'm mailing, would it be possible to include a note of this fact 
somewhere on the Downloads page? Maybe we can save time for some other 
poor fellow trying to build 3.1.1 with Qt 5.3.

Rgrds Henry
Note: It was possible to build 3.1.1 with Qt 5.3 but that's another story.

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