[Qt-creator] Gala QtCreator plugin evaluation

Eric Landuyt eric at datarescue.be
Wed May 21 11:30:19 CEST 2014

Hello Alex,

Wednesday, May 21, 2014, 11:02:09 AM, you wrote:
l> Gala is a name of my wife who is supporting me in my hobbies :o)
l> Never mind the names, they just unique nicks.

What about renaming it to something more linked to QtCreator, like QCJS
aka "QtCreatorJavaScript", QCP (QtCreatorPlugin), QCPJS, ... ?
(with my excuses in advance to your wife of course ;)

l> I have to differentiate regullar *.js files and *.gala files, because
l> *.gala file (as usual JS code) can import another *.js file. But in plugin
l> I should load only *.gala files and not all *.js files.
l> If all JavaScript files will be with *.js extention I cannot recognize
l> which should be loaded as scripts to GalaPlugin and which are just
l> sub-modules.
l> I hope tha idea is clear.

Sure, I see your point. I however think that files looking like JavaScript
should always stick with a .js extension . Just some examples: it allows to
open these with correct syntax highlighting in any editor, use specialized
JavaScript tools to generate/manipulate it, ...
What about using some easy convention, like for any plugin in "DIRECTORY",
if a "DIRECTORY/DIRECTORY.js" file exists, assume it is a plugin ?


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