[Qt-creator] Gala QtCreator plugin evaluation

lexxmark lexxmark.dev at gmail.com
Wed May 21 12:29:00 CEST 2014

Hi Eric!

What about renaming it to something more linked to QtCreator, like QCJS
> aka "QtCreatorJavaScript", QCP (QtCreatorPlugin), QCPJS, ... ?
> (with my excuses in advance to your wife of course ;)

No problems. I like "QtCreator-JS-Plugin" (like
But I think it can be misunderstanded. Is this plugin to enrich QtCreator
to work with JS code or it's binding of JS to QtCreator plugin framework
(as it is)?
What do you think?

> l> I have to differentiate regullar *.js files and *.gala files, because
> l> *.gala file (as usual JS code) can import another *.js file. But in
> plugin
> l> I should load only *.gala files and not all *.js files.
> l> If all JavaScript files will be with *.js extention I cannot recognize
> l> which should be loaded as scripts to GalaPlugin and which are just
> l> sub-modules.
> l> I hope tha idea is clear.
> Sure, I see your point. I however think that files looking like JavaScript
> should always stick with a .js extension . Just some examples: it allows to
> open these with correct syntax highlighting in any editor, use specialized
> JavaScript tools to generate/manipulate it, ...
> What about using some easy convention, like for any plugin in "DIRECTORY",
> if a "DIRECTORY/DIRECTORY.js" file exists, assume it is a plugin ?

Yes, I see. I agree we should use .js extention. But in your solution you
force user to place js sub-modules
in different place, not close to script plugin itself.

We can use weak rule: try to load each .js file and look for
"plugin_initialize" function within
("plugin_initialize" is more unique name than just "initialize" as it's

> Eric
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