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Michael Jackson imikejackson at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 22:02:06 CET 2014

On Nov 13, 2014, at 1:44 PM, Tobias Hunger <tobias.hunger at gmail.com> wrote:

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> Am 13.11.2014 18:37 schrieb "Michael Jackson" <imikejackson at gmail.com>:
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> > Setup: OS X 10.8.5, Xcode 5.1.x, QtCreator 3.2.1.
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> > I have a pair of Kits setup: Qt 4.8.6 and Qt 5.3.1. Both are self built. My project is CMake based. I have no problems "Opening" my project and all that. I change the kit to my "Qt 5.3.1" installation. Everything compiles fine. The issue is that QtCreator can not seem to locate any Qt Header. There is a red squiggly line under #include <QtCore/QObject> and then none of the syntax highlighting works after that. I was hoping to move to Qt 5.x for our project in order to see if the debugging experience is any better using Qt 5 versus Qt 4 with Xcode 5.x. LLDB and QtCreator just seem to not really like each other at this point.
> With cmake projects just switching kits is not enough! That will have Creator use the new settings, but you actually need to tell qmake all the nitty gritty details of your setup, too. My guess is that the include paths that Creator extracts from CMake are still pointing to your previous Qt4 setup.
> Switching to Qt5 will unfortunately not improve the debugging experience. Those two are pretty independent from each other. 
> > Any helpful advice would be extremely appreciated at this point. We about ready to throw up our hands in desperation and switch to something else as our IDE. I think we are just missing something simple on our OS X machines in order to set them up properly for a great debugging experience*
> Sorry, I can not help with that part. I did not do anything with LLDB on Mac yet.
I have completely separate build directories for the Qt4 and Qt5 builds. I should have been more clear. Thanks for the feedback on using QtCreator on OS X and actually trying to debug. It really does look like it is a lost cause to do anything other than trivial debugging under OS X with Qt.

My employee and I sat down this afternoon to fire up a Ubuntu 14.04 VM for development and we finally got our codes up and running and were able to debug deep into our data structures using QtCreator/GDB/GCC 4.8 combination.I guess we are going to fire up some more VMs with Ubuntu and may start switching over our developers to that platform. A Shame that we can not use our OS X machines with OS X native tools.

Anyone have any thoughts on Qt5 with the Visual Studio Plugin for Qt? Does it give satisfactory results?

Mike Jackson

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