[Qt-creator] Testing 3.3.0-rc1 for iOS, random feedback

Harri Pasanen harri at mpaja.com
Tue Nov 25 18:46:46 CET 2014

I've quickly tried how iOS support is working.

Subjectively, without yet having done any timings, deployment feels 
faster than for Android.   Also the few test apps I tried seemed to run 
more or less ok.

In the future it would be handy to have app icon settable from Qt 
Creator, and some other stuff as well for Info.plist, similar to 
AndroidManifest.xml support.

There seems to be some glitch when trying to switch devices though.
I first ran some demos on my iPhone and that worked quite well.
However, when I plug in my iPad3, the run configuration insists in my 
Even if I go to Qt Creator preferences and set the iPad 3 as default 
device, it still does not mention it...

Update, I just noticed that for some reason the Kit has a device preference.
Why is it so?   That is unlike the behavior with Android.

Another thing,  this General message came up:

Warnings while parsing QML type information of /Applications/Qt 
Creator.app/Contents/Imports/qtquick1/QtWebKit: Failed to parse 
Creator.app/Contents/Imports/qtquick1/QtWebKit/plugins.qmltypes". Error: 
1:1: Expected token `numeric literal'

Anyway, looking promising...


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