[Qt-creator] Testing 3.3.0-rc1 for iOS, random feedback

Ariel Molina ariel at edis.mx
Tue Nov 25 18:53:07 CET 2014

> There seems to be some glitch when trying to switch devices though.
> I first ran some demos on my iPhone and that worked quite well.
> However, when I plug in my iPad3, the run configuration insists in my
> iPhone.
> Even if I go to Qt Creator preferences and set the iPad 3 as default
> device, it still does not mention it...
> Update, I just noticed that for some reason the Kit has a device
> preference.
> Why is it so?   That is unlike the behavior with Android.
Yes, I found that too, some time ago I reported a bug about the Kits in
general, they seem to be too tied to devices, they may it really too
difficult to work with several devices. The only one that's working fine is
the Android deployment, which asks which device to run every time.

Kits also make it difficult to switch Generic Linux Devices btw, just try
using, say 10 Raspberry PI or Toradex, and you will find youself making 10
Kits, one for each IP address.

For iOS is specilly counter-intuitive, you need to change it in two places.

Ariel Molina R.

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