[Qt-creator] How to start external GDB-Server / st-util in Baremetal?

Tim Sander tim at krieglstein.org
Tue Oct 21 11:28:45 CEST 2014

Hi Axel
> I am using QtCreator for bare metal development. To start a debug session, I
> have to start st-util before starting debugging in QtCreator.
> 1)      Is there a way to tell QtCreator to make sure, st-util is running to
> start the debug session?
Currently there is no management for external processes.
That said if st-util can be started in pipeline mode like openocd you can 
instruct gdb to start it for you.

> I added st-util as an external utility in QtCreator to be able to start it
> using a shortcut. This is a small improvement but has the disadvantage that
> there is no way to kill the running st-util if something went wrong besides
> the task controll from the operating system.
As st-util and openocd are pretty similar in their functionality i would 
suggest trying openocd in pipeline mode. 

This functionality is currently not on my TODO list but patches would be 
welcome :-).

As far as i remember you have been thinking about implementing a register view 
for QtCreator. Has anything happened on that besides thinking?

My current TODO is Makefile support for BareMetal which unfortunatly missed the 
boat for the next release. After that i would also be interested on working on 
this register view you proposed (all in hobby mode).

Best regards

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