[Qt-creator] Qt Creator and Clearcase do not play nicely.

ZIMMER, Dallas dallas.zimmer at baesystems.com
Tue Oct 21 00:51:39 CEST 2014


I posted this question on the Qt forums and one response suggested I try this mailing list.

I'm having a problem working with both Qt Creator (version 3.1.2) and clearcase (version 8.0) on linux RedHat EL6.

When I attempt to create a new project from within Qt Creator, the new directory is created, but is not added to clearcase. Then, when the project.pro file is created, it cannot be added to clearcase because its directory is "Not a vob object."

New directories can only be added to clearcase using the "cleartool mkdir ..." command. Existing directories cannot be added.

I've tried creating the directory in clearcase first, before creating the Qt project, but QtCreator will not let me create a new project in an existing directory.

Both tools seem to insist on being the creator of a new directory.

Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?


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